My academic background is in management (MBA from IIM Bangalore) and engineering. This, combined with a rather unbridled love for design, has given me many unique work opportunities.

Together, with some amazing teams, we have developed products that millions use every day and crafted stories & brands which are still going strong. I've also collaborated directly with founders on many successful fundraising pitches.

Featured Work

Led design of a 1Mb app that processes INR 5 billion / month

BHIM is the #08 payments app in the world. Design praised by the World Bank. Mary Meeker highlighted BHIM in her '2017 Internet Trends Report'.

Wrote & designed Juspay website for clearer brand recall

With the aim of communicating Juspay's market positioning to merchants and scale to investors more effectively.

Juspay Website
Redesigned a payment flow that does 6 million txn per day

Upto 5% jump in success rates with less decision burden and transaction time. Clients include Zomato, Myntra, Swiggy, Flipkart et al.

Godel RedesignGodel manual entryGodel OTP
Reimagined the Session Log to visualize user journeys

An experiment in collaboration with product managers evolved into this internal tooling. Focused on pro users. Designed for larger displays.

Session log dashboard
Crafted the first ever UI for a nation-wide banking system

This design is now the official standard for millions of users and all banks across India. Also 100 million+ installs of UPI Auth Library we designed.

UPI onboarding
Conceptualized a webapp for book quotes and annotations

To offer an undistracted reading environment and a better discovery experience. Done using only websafe fonts.

Book quotes webapp
Directed a product ecosystem touching 10 Mn+ users / day

Clients include some of India's largest grocery e-tailers, telecom firms and food delivery apps. More than 3 billion payments processed so far.

Juspay's Checkout ecosystem of products
Led product & design at a $105-million funded company

Worked on developing products for tenants, house-owners, and agents at Nestaway. Directed design and content for PR & marketing as well.

Nestaway work
Consulted on design for a Gates Foundation project

This will be the largest learning management platform for teachers across India & Southeast Asia. I consulted on the initial product designs.

Crafted an early prototype of Consent Architecture for India

An India-wide system to place users firmly in control of their data. Upon request from service providers (insurance, credit etc), the user can grant access to only the required data. And that too for a restricted period.

Currently leading the design of a product for one of the major international card networks

To be launched across India and Europe.