I’m a designer and product manager with 10+ years of experience across product creation, user experience (UI/UX) & creative direction. Currently, I head design at Juspay.

At Juspay, I’ve led the design of BHIM app which processes transactions worth INR 5 billion+ per month. It's the #8 fintech app in the world. I also worked on designing the UPI Common Library that's currently installed on over 100 million devices. The Juspay suite of products process 40 million+ transactions per day and count Amazon, Uber, Visa, Myntra, Flipkart, Vodafone, and Ola as customers.

Earlier, I worked as Head of Product at Nestaway, a 1200-people company with USD 105 million investment from Tiger Global, DST & Tata. I also founded The Playce, one of the largest coworking spaces in India that's still growing.

I dabble in generative art with Processing(p5.js), prototype using code and sometimes draw comics as well.

👋🏻 Feel free to reach out on twitter & linkedIn.

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